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"…A new book – Aging in Stride – authored by a geriatrician, lawyer, pastor team, provides a lot of information, which combined with a bit of effort, can go a long way in making our lives much easier as we grow older. The book’s message is clear. With just a little planning and teamwork; by staying physically active; by maintaining relationships with others, and by devoting some time to nurturing your spirit the golden years of our lives can be just that – Golden…."

November 2005, Senior Beacon

"This reference book identifies a multitude of aging issues and provides practical strategies for solutions. It celebrates the spirit of aging and the tools we have to make the best choices for our future. It Helps readers create a plan of action that focuses on wisdom, experience, and maturity, based on attitude and willingness to make health investments…."

December 2005, Pacific Northwest Retirement

"The Aging in Stride authors did their homework and it shows. This well-organized guide on the topic of "health aging" provides a meaningful, straightforward and succinct resource for individuals and professionals, baby boomers and older adults alike. The book begins by laying out four foundation building blocks for healthy aging: planning and teamwork, staying physically active, relationships with others, and nurturing your spirit. Rather than making judgments, the authors provide objective text and links to online information as well as to useful checklists that allow the reader to assess their current situation and identify steps to help them or their loved one plan and age well. Resource information and tips on a wide variety of topics are included, such as: How to Shop for Long-Term Care Insurance; Getting Ready for a Care Conference; How to Hire In-Home Help; Tips for Working with Busy Agencies; and Practical Issues at the Time of Death. All are covered in the core section of the book or are available on the website.

The Family Caregiver Alliance is a public voice for caregivers. More on their pioneering programs – information, education, services, research, and advocacy—that support and sustain the important work of families nationwide caring for loved ones with chronic, disabling health conditions can be found on their website at Also on their website are current and archived editions of their newsletter, the Update."

Reprinted from the Update Reader’s Corner, Winter 2005, Vol. 22 No. 1
From the Family Caregiver Alliance, National Center on Caregiving
Please visit their website at

"Reading Aging in Stride is like having an important conversation with a wise friend. It is an excellent book -- remarkable for its range of topics, the quality of its advice, and its clarity of writing. And for each of the 45 issues that are discussed, additional resources are suggested and made easily available online. Issues of spirituality are presented in a way that speaks to secular humanists as well as true believers. End of life questions, so important and so often finessed or left unasked, are treated with the wisdom and explicitness they deserve. As an octogenarian researcher on aging, reading this book reassured me about the things I am already doing to age well and reminded me of some that I will now attend to. Aging in Stride deserves many readers; I predict that it will have them and that they will be grateful for having read it."

Robert L. Kahn, Ph.D.
Professor of Psychology and Public Health
University of Michigan
Author of Successful Aging

"A remarkably clear roadmap to healthy aging. Of course, it won't answer every question. And it won't make the smart choices that often need to be made. But it can help in a wonderful way by giving the reader both the big picture and a better understanding of the many forks in the road that may come along."

Nina Tumosa, Ph.D.
Co-Director, Gateway Geriatric Education
Center of Missouri and Illinois
Education Officer, Veterans Affairs
Medical Center/Saint Louis

"Every family needs a few carefully chosen books for its bookshelf. This is one of those books. The issue discussions, more resources, forms, and online reader support center are practical and easy to use. What you have here is a roadmap, compass, and words of encouragement, all rolled into one."

Pamela Piering, Director
Seattle/King County
Area Agency on Aging

"Comprehensive, well organized, easy to use. Aging in Stride is a book older persons and their families will trust and turn to over and over again as they navigate the many issues and challenges we all face as we grow older."

T. Franklin Williams, M.D.
Professor of Medicine Emeritus, University of Rochester
Former Director, National Institute on Aging
Veterans Administration Distinguished Physician

"This terrific book provides common ground that my family will use -- that any family can use -- to plan for the future."

Jessie Gruman, Ph.D.
President and Executive Director
Center for the Advancement of Health

In the News:

August, 2005 - Aging In Stride by Christine Himes, M.D., Elizabeth N. Oettinger, M. Div. and Dennis E. Kenny, JD are the winners of the 2005 Independent Publisher Book Award for best Aging book. For complete press release click here (PDF).

Statesman Journal (October 2, 2005) – "This is an invaluable resource on planning for old age or coping with it….The book provides what it calls "the four building blocks to health aging" and information about growing older well, dealing with finances, and discovering services that provide help."

Older Americans Report (April 22nd, 2005) - "From picking an assisted living facility to elder-proofing a home…as an overview of the challenges seniors face, it is a good place to start."

Northwest Prime Time (April 2005) "…provides information which can go a long way in making our lives much easier as we grow older."

Real Connections For Active and Informed Adults (December 2004) – "If we think of life as a trip, destination old age, "Aging in Stride" is an empowering roadmap. Anyone approaching, planning for or dealing with someone who is elderly will appreciate this publication. "Aging in Stride" will give you a great deal of the information needed to make the best decisions possible."

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